Experimental Sculptural Installation, Dimensions Variable

Akin Collective Vitrine Galleries, St. Clair and Dupont Locations, November/December 2019

Bordering on the baroque, Beckon is an experimental foray into sculptural installation. It plays with our magpie-like attraction to bright, reflective objects, promising delights with outstretched, inviting gestures, but from disembodied hands disassociated from reality. These hands, reminiscent of mannequin models positioned in storefront windows, are slowly being consumed by accessories once meant to decorate them in a shrine-like ode to the power of the display. Beckon insists on seduction while highlighting the dangers of desire, utilizing the fragmented image of the disembodied hand as a means of creating a point of association as well as disconnect with the viewer. It simultaneously invites and threatens, beckons and repels, offers promise and yet leads nowhere.